Measuring Instructions Inside Mount Shutters:

Always take care when measuring plantation shutters and be sure to look for an obstruction that may interfere with the operation of the panels or louvers. Measurement for shutters can be taken in two distinct ways. The first and most common is referred to as “inside mount”.

Inside mount dimensions are literally the measurements (width and height) of the window opening. Because of variations in window construction, when measuring for width and height always measure in three places.

The width should be measured along the top, middle, and bottom. The height should be measured on the left, center, and right. When ordering a shutter with an inside mount, please use the smallest of the measurements. For outside mount shutters, use the largest. When an order with opening size dimensions is processed the factory will automatically take the necessary deductions. If the two diagonal measurements differ by 1/2″ or more, we recommend an outside mount.

Measuring Instructions Outside Mount Shutters:

The other way to take measurements is “net with frame” (NWF), also know as finished size. When ordering a shutter with NWF dimensions the factory will build the shutter unit (panels and frames) to your exact width and height specifications to the outside edge of the frame.

NWF dimensions are normally reserved for individuals with fairly advanced knowledge, the face of the frame will need to be added to the opening size measurement. The base of the L-Frame is 1 3/8″ wide. It is important that exact measurements are taken before ordering. Once the order is confirmed, the order may not be canceled. Order are only accepted on the RomanShadesandShutters on line order form.

Roman Shades are Measured in the Same Manner:

Inside Mount – We need the exact measurement of the opening and will make allowances for the shade to fit.

Outside Mount – No deductions are made you get the exact measurements you ask for.