mirage-retractableMirage Retractable Screen Doors are designed with the ability to cut to fit on the job site.
This elimates the translating of how a salesperson measured the job and where the unit should be fitted.
You will be ordering your unit oversized and your installer will select the correct threshold adaptor
and install the unit in the correct position.
White – Linen Cream – Sandalwood – Gray – Bronze – Tudor Brown – Black
If you are uncertain of your color contact SJS and we will send color samples.
The price of $275.00 does not include installation. Your installer will charge $50.00 per unit,
Payment is due upon completion. We will contact your installer after you place your order and he
will call you for scheduling orders are installed within 5-7 working days.

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“Simply compare these 12 advantages to our competitors and you’ll agree Mirage is the best retractable screen door available.”

The Mirage Handle

What is it?

• An integrated handle and mechanical latch system free of magnets to secure your retractable screen door
• New Mirage Handle is a patent pending handle exclusive to authorized

How does it work?

• When closing the screen, simply grasp the Mirage Handle and draw the screen across the doorway. As the latch comes into contact with the catch mounted on the door’s frame, the two firmly latch together. Once your retractable screen is latched, it will not accidentally release despite bumps by children, gusts of wind, or encounters with pets.
• To release the screen, depress the thumb lever at the top of the handle and the screen’s spring tension releases the handle into your hand.
• For an increased level of security, the New Mirage Handle comes with a ‘safety catch’ that can be engaged from the secure side of the screen. This safety catch, although not designed as a security device, will prevent passive entry by unwelcome visitors by preventing the thumb lever from being operated from the outside.

Why do I need this product?

• does away with sticky, rusting magnets.
• no tugging or pulling the screen away to open it.
• will not slam on you or become accidentally unlatched if the screen door is bumped.
• much more user friendly to open, close and secure your retractable screen door.
• can be unlatched with one hand maintaining complete control of your screen door.
• removes the mystery of how to open a retractable screen door.
• New Mirage Handle features a very ergonomically shaped handle for easy grasp.
• fits all door applications

Rail Guides

Mirage uses self-lubricating Teflon end caps that are the guides on the rail which gives us the smoothest glide in the industry. Nylon end caps which are used by most all other companies don’t glide as smooth and require lubricating.

Housing & Pull Bar

The housing is compact with a beveled profile and the pull bar is very sturdy. Solid colors are powdered coated for the most durability finish available. The wood grain finish is a 3 step process. The base color is powder coated  then the grain finish is baked in at over 400 degrees twice. The finish is literally melted into the aluminum and even has the feel of wood.

Q-Bace Quality Management System

Mirage was certified under the Q-Bace Management System in February of 1996 and is re-certified every year through an independent audit process as specified by the Q-Bace certification organization. Most importantly, the Q-Bace Management System ensures consistent quality standards.


Unlike other companies that heat weld a pocket which compromises the strength of the screen Mirage commercially sews a strong nylon spline that won’t tear if walked into like heat welded splines. Also the nylon spline is inserted into the pull bar out of sight unlike the unsightly heat weld  that you see.

Tension Adjuster

An exterior 5/16″ drive nut that allows your installer to adjust the tension of the spring which will determine the speed of the pull bars return to the housing unit.

Screen Mesh

Durable fiberglass screen material made to our specifications by Phifer Wire Products, the world’s leader in fiberglass screening material.

Speed Reducer

With Mirage we can offer your door with or without a speed reducer. We recommend No Speed Reducer because the speed reducer causes fraying of the screen resulting in a re-screen change of $95.00.

Threshold Adaptors 

Your installer chooses from six different adaptor profiles to put over the existing threshold which allows the rail to be mounted  perpendicular to assure smooth tracking.


The screen and rail are designed so that the screen is deeper in the rail that any other. This feature keeps the screen from popping out of the rail and fraying when traversed back and forth.

Wood Grains

15 Wood Tones finishes are offered. The wood grain finish is a 3 step process. The base color is powder coated, then each wood grain finish is baked in at over 400 degrees twice. The finish is literally melted into the aluminum and not only has a true look of a wood finish it even has the feel of wood.


We are so confident in our screen we give a 1 year warranty on any cut or tear on the screen material with normal use. The tracking of the pull bar carries a “Life Time Warranty” for smooth tracking with normal use. This warranty not offered by any other company is backed back by a 3 generation company serving the Southland since 1970.
We have been selling and installing retractable screen doors for over 8 years. The first 5 years we offered another companies retractable screen door.
With that companies door we were re-screening 3-5 doors a week and also replacing the problematic magnet.
We’ve been with Mirage 3 years and have installed over 2500 units and have had only 11 re-screens.