At Sunland Shutters we are dedicated to enhancing the architectural beauty and functionality of every window. Through innovative research and quality craftsmanship, we consistently create a high performance window solution that will add timeless style and charm to any home. Furthermore, Sunland is proud to offer a green-friendly product that delivers superior value through the shutter’s zero maintenance design and its ability to significantly improve the energy efficiency of a house. Each step of our shutter process is carried out with quality and excellence in mind from start to finish. Contact us today and let Sunland Shutters raise your expectations.


Lexwood is a premium basswood shutter built with traditional hand craftsmanship while utilizing the most advanced technologies to ensure precision design and consistent quality control. Coupled with our finest paint finish and powdercoated hardware. Lexwood Shutters are the finest and the most elegant looking custom wood shutters on the market today.


All of Sunland’s Import/Domestic Polycore and Lexwood shutters use only water-base coating. A water-based coating provides an extremely durable finish, protects the environment (zero/virtually zero V.O.C.) and safeguards your family’s health (contains absolutely NO LEAD ADDITIVES).
Have peace of mind with our long lasting durable finishes that offer Sunland dealers product quality assurance.


Aluminum-TechnologyAfter several years of research and development Sunland Shutters successfully mastered the fine art of coextrusion, combining PVC and an aluminum core. Today we are the only solid synthetic company that is vertically integrated, whereas we extrude, paint, fabricate, and distribute our Polycore shutter.

All of our rails, stiles, and louvers are reinforced with an aluminum core. In the fabrication process we screw the rail and stile together with two 3/16″ X 3″ self tapping screws in each corner of the panels.

These corners prevent the panels from racking, thus creating the strongest panels in the industry today. The aluminum reinforced louvers prevent sagging in wider panels, where Polycore can reach 36″ in width.

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