Tips for Installing Shutters on Windows

During those hot summer days, you might start thinking of a way to make the time that you spend in your home more pleasant. Air conditioning is expensive and not particularly healthy so why don’t you save your money and energy and simply install a window shutter instead? They are easy to acquire and even easier to install, and they will surely lower the temperature in your living quarters.

Order Online

You can order you window shutter online now, all you need to do is choose a company and shipping method. You can even pick your own color and material they are made from, all it takes is a couple of clicks. Make sure that you pick the right company, as some of them have limited shipping options. So first thing’s first, check if your country is listed as available for shipping method.

Measuring and Installation

To avoid any mistakes first get the measurements right. You don’t want to find out that you’ve drilled holes on the wrong spots after you’ve done it. So get your measuring tool and write down your window’s length, width, and height. Now depending on what type of shutter you got, you will either drill holes next to both sides of a window or on top of it. If you got the one that slides in, make sure that the width of your window’s wooden frame doesn’t exceed the width of the slider. If you get this right, there isn’t anything that can go wrong during the installment. This is important because you shutter won’t be able to fit in properly if you have a smaller slider than your window’s frame.

Placing the Shutter

For the final part you might require some help, so be sure to call a friend or neighbor. Pick up your shutter and carefully slide it in the frame starting from the upper one. It’s easier this way. Otherwise, you would have to pull the upper one to insert the frame. Now that you have one side in place push the shutter toward the upper frame and bend the lower one to make it fit. Now you can slide it left, or right anytime you want.

Best Home Improvement Tips

Planning how to change your interior without investing too much money on it can be a long and tiring process. In order to limit the amount of energy and money, you are spending in your home remodeling project we’ve prepared this list of useful tips. From bottom to the top, you’ll be able to revamp your interior and make every part of your house look like a VIP lounge.

Shades and Shutters

Home Shades and ShuttersHave you seen those modern houses from magazine covers? They all have shutters and shades on their windows. And let’s face it, who wants sun rays landing directly on your face when you’re trying to have a breakfast at your kitchen table. There are many types of window shades, and in most cases, you can even choose which material they will be crafted from. They are extremely easy to use and install. The only thing that dictates what type of window shade you will need is the width of your window.

Paint Your Ceiling

This might come as a surprise but changing the color of your ceiling might brighten up the atmosphere in your room. Most of the home owners chose to leave their ceiling color as it is- a dull white one. Painting your “fifth wall” with a light blue to resemble a clear blue sky or a daring gray to reflect the light will definitely change the way you feel every time you enter that room. You can be creative and even paint something on your ceiling, if you have the gift for it, to make your room look even more visually stunning.

Add another Wall

Need more privacy? Adding a wall to create another room will give you just that. And the best thing about this project is that it doesn’t cost too much money. So if you have a room that is unnecessarily big, you can create two room out of it. All you need it a bit of skill and knowledge. You can use a cast if you don’t mind the fact that you’ll be able to hear everything that goes around in the next room. You can also use wood instead of bricks and fill the space in between with cement. For additional sound isolation add either fiberglass insulation or more mass to your wall to get a completely soundproof room.

adding a wall to create another room

Most of these home improvement tips you can apply without any help, but it’s always better to bring friends to help you with every project you make.


Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Shades & Shutters 

Do you desire to preserve the value of your home?

Are looking for ways to increase the worth of your home without breaking the bank?

Or do you want to improve the ornamental appeal? If your answer to all or some of the above answers is- YES, then you should consider using blinds, shades or shutters.

Probably, your next question is how these products will add any value to your house. Well, the truth is that they will indeed increase the value of your property. To know how, consider the following top 5 reasons to upgrade your shades & shutters:

Value Addition

Shutters, blinds and shades come in all manner of forms, sizes, designs, colors and more. Each type will have a different appeal as well as effect. They will also be suited for different situations.

However, they all share one thing in common- increasing the value of the property. Top quality accessories improve the worth of the home almost instantly without having to demolish walls or renovate the building.

In fact, fixing shades and shutters is the most convenient and effective way of adding value to the home. All what is required is good quality and effective designs.

Aesthetic Appeal

When searching for a property, a prospective home seeker will give the ornamental appeal priority.

How elegant are the windows and doors?

Do they make the indoor environment more conducive?

Will I be forced to change the shutters and shades once I acquire the house?

These are some of the questions that a potential home owner will ask him/herself. To save him the trouble and possibly close the deal sooner rather than later, it would be advisable to install window shades, blinds and shutters.

People searching for a property to buy always pay close attention to the aesthetic appeal.

 Energy Efficiency

It is no longer a secret that homeowners-to-be consider the energy efficiency in a home even before going into details. This is attributed to the cost of energy which is always rising.

Windows that absorb too much heat make the indoor environment quite stuffy. This usually leads to turning on the air-conditioner.

Curtains or drapes that block off too much light may make the environment inside the house too dark. A home owner will therefore leave the artificial lights on for extended periods.

In so doing, the cost of power or electricity increases. Shutters and shades help in improving energy efficiency.

Cost Saving

Installing blinders, shutters and shades helps a home owner save on costs in the long run. First, the window accessories block the harmful sun rays which damage the walls as well as other items. Second, the indoor environment will have its temperature moderated naturally.

Third, shutters and shades are more durable than curtains, drapes on any other window covering. When the above issues are compounded, an owner will certainly lower the maintenance cost of the home.

Moreover, operating shades and shutters is more user-friendly compared to alternative methods.

Prospective home buyers will appreciate a home that has shutters and shades. This is simply because they know they will not have to repaint the walls in the near future.

Value Retention

When individuals are looking for a house to buy, one of their desires is to own a home that will preserve its value. A house will only maintain its value if the paint can last for longer periods. Also, the colors should remain steadfast and not fade.

Unfortunately, achieving these ambitions can be hindered if too much light or heat is allowed to pass through the windows. The walls as well as roof will start fading.

Too much sun glare will affect the furniture and other items. Using quality shutters and shades minimises the harmful effect of too much heat and sunlight. Well, from the above 5 reasons to upgrade your shades & shutters , it has become more clear how blinds, shutters and shades can help in improving the worth of a home.

As a matter of fact, more and more people are turning to these accessories. Some are doing it to improve the homes indoor ambiance.

Others are doing it to preserve the indoor temperatures, while others want to make certain the value of the house increases. Whichever the reason, it is vital to make certain the right types of accessories are used. Going for low quality, or substandard products will cause more harm than good.